Transform your shows from a one-size-fits-all broadcast to targeted narrowcasts to widen your reach and build deeper engagement. Expand Audiences, Increase Viewership and Retention Without Expensive Studio Costs.

CloudCast Production Suite

Creative alternative digital narrowcasts with remote commentators and language translations without the costs of a studio or equipment.


CloudCast’s cloud-based video production tools helps you grow your audience by taking your live broadcast stream and creating new and alternative digital viewing options for end viewers. By adding remote commentators, translations, graphics and more, you’re able to give end users a multitude of viewing and listening options that drive greater engagement and open the door to overlooked audience segments.


Translate existing shows to new languages


Reach new demographics by showcasing key influencers commenting about the game


Activate unused content and rights inexpensively with remote talent


Personalize your content streams and increase viewer engagement


No more expensive studio costs, rentals or equipment required


Cloudcast offers a simplified video production workflow that enables digital and social teams to quickly and easily adapt existing shows.


Send in your original broadcast on RTMP


Spin up multiple casts leveraging that stream


Each cast can have up to 4 commentators who have a video chat around the broadcast in their web browser


CloudCast puts it all back together – caster audio / video, original high quality broadcast, added graphics – and re-synchronizes it in the cloud


The RTMP output goes out to live video platforms like a Facebook or into your internal live video stack.

This means that casters and crew can all be in different places, and they don’t need specialized hardware – Cloudcast does all the heavy lifting for them!


Powerful – Each show can combine the broadcast feed, multiple casters and show-specific graphics in different ways to tell its own story.

Simple – Casters and producers only need a basic laptop, headset, and reasonable network – no special applications to install.

Flexible – Casters, producers and broadcast video can all come from different places, and the output can go through your existing distribution / Facebook / etc.

Reliable – Cloud-based production means the video continues even if casters have issues. Activate multiple fallback options.

Cost Efficient – Remove the need for studio rentals, caster travel, and duplicated production resources


CloudCast transforms your broadcast into a multitude of digital viewing options for all of your audiences. Getting started is easy, but as you grow into it, we have the tools to enable you to further customize your programs and further scale.

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