Multiple Casters From All Over The World

Create a virtual sports desk with expert and fun commentary with multiple casters in remote locations around the world


Influencers To Bring New Audiences And To Resonate With A Different Voice

Create alternate viewing experiences with influencers that resonate with different demographics and a younger audience


Professional Fighters League Grew their Digital Audience by 70% with Kiswe’s CloudCast

CloudCast Graph.png

  • PFL used Kiswe’s CloudCast to deliver Spanish, Mandarin, and Multi-Caster Influencer streams to Facebook Watch.

  • The Spanish-Speaking audience has grown to 70% of the international broadcast audience.

  • International growth indicates a big opportunity with other languages.


CloudCast Benefits



Each show can combine the broadcast feed with multiple casters and show-specific graphics in different ways to tell its own story


Cost Efficient

Removes the need for studio rentals, caster travel, and duplicated production resources



Casters and producers only need a basic laptop, headset, and reasonable network – no special applications to install or hardware required



Cloud-based production means the video continues even if casters have issues. Activate multiple fallback options