Production Truck In The Cloud

Incorporate casters from anywhere in the world in real-time into your broadcast to create a multitude of viewing options to serve different audience segments. The biggest sports leagues use CloudCast to grow their audiences by serving different audiences and demographics.

Professional Fighters League Grew their Digital Audience by 70% with Kiswe’s CloudCast

CloudCast Graph.png

PFL used Kiswe’s CloudCast to deliver Spanish, Mandarin, and Multi-Caster Influencer streams to Facebook Watch.

The Spanish-Speaking audience has grown to 70% of the international broadcast audience.

International growth indicates a big opportunity with other languages.


CloudCast Benefits



Each show can combine the broadcast feed, multiple casters and show-specific graphics indifferent ways to tell its own story


Cost Efficient

Remove the need for studio rentals, caster travel, and duplicated production resources



Casters and producers only need a basic laptop, headset, and reasonable network–no special applications to install



Cloud-based production means the video continues even if casters have issues. Activate multiple fallback options