One Broadcast 
Transformed Into Multiple Narratives

Kiswe’s cloud tech creates alternate broadcasts to tell different stories for all of your audience



We’ll be at Sportel Monaco, Oct. 21-23! Visit us in the Innovation Zone, Booth IZ4.
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CloudCast: A Production Truck In The Cloud

Just from a browser, remote casters can be anywhere in the world and Kiswe’s cloud technology will mix your live broadcast with the caster’s audio and video to create a multitude of viewing options for your audience

  • Speak to audiences in their native languages

  • Bring a different voice with influencers to resonate more

  • Multiple casters create a living room experience



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Juan Carlos Rodriguez

President Univision Sports

Kiswe understands the future of mobile video and was the perfect fit for us. Their performance during the Copa America Centenario, within our digital broadcast and their support, was stellar.
Kiswe provides us cloud based power that allows WTT to create multi-language broadcasts and video experiences that fans have never seen in tennis.
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Carlos Silva
CEO and League President
World Team Tennis