June 8, 2020

Big Hit Entertainment And Kiswe Forge Strategic Alliance

The strategic partnership aims to provide inclusive concert experiences to fans around the world and bolster global business expansion.

The strategic partnership aims to provide inclusive concert experiences to fans around the world and bolster global business expansion. The first collaborative project will be introduced through BTS’ online live concert “BANG BANG CON The Live” on June 14. “We will provide services that innovate the fan experience by maximizing the synergy between Big Hit’s content initiatives and Kiswe’s technology,” says Global CEO Lenzo Yoon

Big Hit Entertainment (Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk, hereinafter referred to as “Big Hit”), home to the likes of BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and Kiswe Mobile (CEO Mike Schabel, hereinafter referred to as “Kiswe”), a live streaming solution company in the U.S., have joined forces.

On June 9, Big Hit and Kiswe announced that "On the 8th, Big Hit’s Global CEO Lenzo Yoon, Kiswe’s Dr. Jeong Kim, Chairman & Co-Founder and CEO Mike Schabel signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and promised a global partnership between the two companies."

The new partnership is set to expand its global business in the pursuit of fan experience innovation. With global fan community platform Weverse at the forefront, Big Hit and Kiswe will bring diverse services and carry out ‘one-stop service in the music industry.’

Big Hit and Kiswe’s strategic alliance aims to maximize their synergies to deliver music fans around the world a more inclusive and enjoyable concert experience. Kiswe’s technology and Big Hit’s content and artist IP will work together in developing and customizing new services that will enable fans to enjoy content in the most optimal way in the ever-changing concert ecosystem.

“Multi-view Live Streaming” marks Big Hit and Kiswe’s first collaborative project, which will be revealed at BTS’ fan meet “BANG BANG CON The Live” on June 14. During the livestream, fans will be able to choose their favorite angle from the six screens that will be available on the same display.

Kiswe was founded by Dr. Jeong Kim, the former President of Bell Labs, Wim Sweldens and Jimmy Lynn in 2013. Kiswe possesses “multi-view” live streaming technology that allows viewers to customize their own viewing experience of entertainment content and live sports, as well as cloud-based multi-channel convergence technology. Kiswe has been offering viewers rich digital viewing experiences of NBA games and many other global live events, thanks to its technology that enables efficient delivery of high-definition and high-audio- quality video with a manageable amount of bandwidth without interruptions.

The strategic partnership between Big Hit and Kiswe aims for a more efficient method of content delivery targeting global fans. With Big Hit’s content planning capabilities that maximize fans' enjoyment - such as BTS' online streaming festival "BANG BANG CON" held in April and online real-time concert "BANG BANG CON The Live" set for June 14 - at its basic foundation, Kiswe will join in to develop new ways of concert viewing tailored to each contents’ characteristics and fan needs.

According to Big Hit’s Global CEO Lenzo Yoon, “This MOU opens the possibility for diversified innovation in the global market by combining Big Hit’s contents and planning expertise with Kiswe’s technology,” and further emphasized that “Big Hit’s philosophy puts our fans’ needs as the top priority. Maximizing the synergy of our partnership, we will develop and provide services that our customers want.”

According to Kiswe’s CEO Mike Schabel, “Kiswe’s relationship with Big Hit Entertainment expands our huge global sports and media footprint into the music sector and allows Kiswe and Big Hit to explore new ventures in the industry. We believe it will be the first of many innovations together.”

About Big Hit Entertainment

Founded in February 2005 in South Korea by CEO and Producer Bang Si-Hyuk, Big Hit Entertainment's core business focuses on music production, artist management and publishing. Big Hit’s business ventures incorporate and develop a range of content produced from top-notch artists' IP, including global superstars BTS and its newest addition TOMORROW X TOGETHER. With its mission of 'Music & Artist for Healing', Big Hit strives to impart a positive influence through content while providing comfort and inspiration to music fans worldwide.

About Kiswe Mobile

Kiswe connects at-home viewers with live events and in-venue fans through interactive video experiences that create memorable social experiences and build loyalty. Kiswe’s video production solution, CloudCast, uses cloud-based technology to transform the way live games and events are professionally produced and broadcasted. The Kiswe suite of solutions is used by the world’s largest broadcasters, media companies, sports and eSports leagues, and music labels, including Big Hit Entertainment (BTS), NBA, Globo, MLS, PGA Tour, NGE, Turner Sports and many more. Kiswe is headquartered in the U.S. and has offices in Europe and Asia.


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