Exploring the Future of Sports at Leaders Week London


At Kiswe, we are constantly seeking new ways to propel the future of sports and broadcasting through innovation and strategic partnerships. Thus, we will be attending Leaders Week in London, which brings together sports industry leaders from across the world, to further expand our reach and share updates of our CloudCast platform. 

With cloud-based production, we are able to help broadcasters create multi-casts of live events that are interactive and cost-efficient, ranging from the Euroleague to launching the PFL Live App. By integrating remote commentators into games, each broadcast connects with unique audiences, furthering engagement and global distribution for sports rights holders everywhere.

As this year’s theme focuses on the “future of sport,” we foresee our CloudCast technology taking sports broadcasting to the next level. We will be at Leaders Week London on Wednesday, Oct. 9. To schedule an in-person meeting with us, contact us here or send an email to info@kiswe.com.