January 4, 2024

The Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series, Team Rentería USA and Kiswe Partner to Stream Championship Games Simultaneously Across the Americas and Asia

The Series, which takes place at Édgar Rentería Stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia, begins January 26th

New Providence, NJ — January 4, 2024 — Kiswe, a leading cloud-based video solutions platform that provides seamless and immersive streaming experience for fans, announced a new partnership with Team Rentería USA, Quirama Media Consulting and Intercontinental Professional Baseball to bring the upcoming Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series (IPBS) to fans around the world. 

Held in Barranquilla, Colombia, the IPBS will begin January 26th and culminate on February 1st. Six teams— representatives of the leagues of Colombia, Curacao, South Korea, Japan and the United States, in addition to the participation of a Cuban-American team organized by the Cuban Professional Baseball Federation (FEPCUBE) and led by GM Orlando “El Duque” Hernández, a 4-time World Series Champion  —will be competing for the World Champion title. 

As baseball’s popularity continues to grow worldwide, IPBS recognized the need for a platform capable of supporting a massive global tournament with fewer restrictions, ensuring that countries and leagues from all continents are able to participate. Thanks to the partnership, fans around the world will be able to access the games via Kiswe’s unparalleled streaming technology. 

From 2013-2019 the tournament was called “The Latin American Series” and was organized by the Latin American Professional Baseball Association (ALBP). In 2020, the President of the ALBP board of directors, Edinson Renteria, also president of Team Renteria USA, decided to pause the tournament and reorganize and restructure in order to be able to invite more countries to participate.

“It is a pleasure to launch this trailblazing event uniting the passion of baseball from all over the globe with a strong distribution partnership with Kiswe allowing the IBPS to reach its fan base in all participating countries,” said Edinson Renteria, President of Team Renteria USA.

“We are excited to bring such an exciting series to fans across the globe,” says Glenn Booth, CEO of Kiswe, “At Kiswe, we know that traveling to major sporting events is costly and not everyone can make the trek. However, with our technology, no one has to miss a game.”

Single game and full series tickets can be purchased starting at just $5 at

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About Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series

Due to the growth of baseball in so many different countries of the world, there is a need for a platform that can hold a tournament with less restrictions and invite countries/leagues from all continents to participate. The Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series allows the opportunity for this tournament to be hosted in different countries, increase tourism/employment and drive the growth of the sport in all of the affiliated leagues.


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