It’s All About the Fan Experience!

By Pete Dunits, Senior Sales Manager, Kiswe Mobile Europe

Off the back of a busy week at Sports Decision Makers Summit one thing is for certain: sport and technology innovation together have never been more relevant for the future of sport media.

The broadcast game has changed beyond recognition. We live in an age of on-demand and personalized media, where the consumer expects to be in control of their viewing schedule and for content to be available in a multiplicity of forms, at any time and on any device. 

Choice brings challenges to traditional commercial models threatening subscriptions, advertising and sponsorship. Now more than ever, sports leagues, federations and rights holders must think like both Sport & Entertainment companies to maintain relevance and engage and find new audiences.

We know consumption patterns have changed and trend to mobile and digital. Video is the dominant medium of story-telling. Linear is one dimensional and the one-size-fits-all is slow to embrace change. Pay-TV dominance is being threatened by direct to consumer digital offerings, while the social media platforms have been slow to splash big money on big rights. 

 The quest to find new customers has to be authentic, intelligent, engaging and relevant. To win the viewership fight, Sport broadcasters and rights holders take advantage of the innovative technologies that are available to create a high-quality, immersive, and engaging viewing experience for fans across TV and OTT platforms & mobile.

Fans want to feel connected to the content with authentic and immersive storytelling. To win the competition for the leisure hour, live sports rights holders need to bring communities together in a fun & more social way. New technologies will present opportunities for broadcasters, rights holders and brands to engage with new audiences in compelling and relevant ways - in a language, community or setting that the fan understands.

The potential for cloud-based production and digital data-driven solutions are endless. It’s an exciting time for CloudCast and broadcast partners to join forces to appeal to a whole new generation of fans!

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Rachel Rubin