Kiswe invited to participate in VRT Sandbox Sessions

Last week, Kiswe joined startups and media innovators at VRT Sandbox Sessions, a part of VRT, in Belgium. VRT is the Belgian public broadcaster and well known in the industry for its innovative coverage of live events. VRT Sandbox collaborates with startups and entrepreneurs to develop technology, offer expertise and coaching, and enable scaling. They also host networking events to exchange experiences, expertise, and share innovative knowledge.

At the Sandbox Sessions, Kiswe was invited to demonstrate how we help VRT innovate and reach a younger audience. It was a great opportunity for us to network and discuss new technologies with fellow entrepreneurs and work together to bring new innovations to VRT and the broadcast industry as a whole.

Kiswe began working with VRT four years ago on their annual end-of-year “Music for Life” fundraising event, and has been a partner to the event every year since. With our CloudCast Call-in feature, anyone with a smartphone can become part of the live TV event. This allows VRT to involve many more users without increasing expense. The same Call-in feature was used more recently with great success in the local “Kom op tegen Kanker” benefit cycling event.

Kiswe has enjoyed working with VRT to bring broadcast innovations to market, and we look forward to more joint projects.

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Rachel Rubin