Kiswe Mobile is ready to enter the political arena as it begins a new live streaming partnership with Prytany.

Prytany TV, the streaming service within Prytany’s new mobile app, is set to be the new destination for nonpartisan political fundraising and networking. The app by Prytany will be a streaming broadcast service and Kiswe’s award winning cloud-based remote video production  and mobile experience technology will be the engine behind it. Prytany TV will host live streams from politicians that wish to communicate directly with their constituents using video. In the fast paced news cycle we live in, live video is the fastest and most direct way to authentically communicate a candidate’s message.

“We’re thrilled that Prytany has chosen Kiswe Mobile to put live broadcast video capabilities in the hands of the candidates and help Prytany aggregate these critical conversations into a centralized platform” says Mike Schabel, CEO of Kiswe Mobile.

With Kiswe’s CloudCast the candidates will be able to transform their video into broadcast-quality production with interactive graphics, live engagement with the audience, and virtual-remote debates between the candidates. The decision to use Kiswe’s cloud based remote production and streaming engine gives Prytany the advantages of speed and efficiency.

Utilizing CloudCast  significantly lowers the expenses of traditional studios, control rooms, and production trucks. Because of Kiswe’s remote production suite the candidates will be able to engage their constituents regardless of location and in real-time. It’s an exciting time for the launch of this app and Kiswe cannot wait to see the results.

First sports, then music and, now politics. What arena will Kiswe step into next with its CloudCast technology?

kiswe n prytany.png
khee Lee