August 31, 2023

First-Ever NBA 2K League All-Star 3v3 Draft Powered By Kiswe's Cloud

The NBA 2K League partnered with Kiswe to cloud produce its first-ever All-Star 3v3 Draft event in an interactive livestream delivered to the NBA 2K League’s Twitch channel.

The NBA 2K League joined forces with Kiswe to present its first-ever All-Star 3v3 Draft event, leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology for an innovative virtual experience. The event was brought directly to fans through an engaging livestream on the NBA 2K League's official Twitch channel.

Kiswe’s state-of-the-art cloud production technology seamlessly integrated the virtual draft, showcasing NBA 2K League gamers and captains located across different corners of the world. This innovative approach created a captivating, entertaining, and immersive viewing experience for fans.

Held on Monday, August 28th, the event was skillfully hosted by two of the 2K League's own professional gamers: Graham "BlkFrankWhite" Borden, a Community Ambassador, and Brandon "Toxsik" Raudenbush, a former 2K League Pro. They were joined by four distinguished All-Star draft captains: "Ant," "Bagmotion," "Unguardable," and "DJAYTOOCOLD," who actively participated throughout the entirety of the live stream.

For a comprehensive overview of the 2023 All-Star 3v3 Draft, detailed results can be found here. Furthermore, the NBA 2K League shared exciting event highlights via their official Twitter account.

T.K. Gore, Head of Sports Business Development at Kiswe, commented, "The NBA 2K League exemplifies the NBA's innovative spirit by embracing cutting-edge technologies such as cloud-based remote production. This aligns perfectly with their mission to genuinely engage and cater to their fans. It was truly rewarding to collaborate on, co-produce, and broadcast the historic NBA 2K League All-Star 3v3 event on their dedicated Twitch channel."

“This significant event not only underscores the NBA 2K League's dedication to innovation, but also highlights its commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences to its passionate fan base. At Kiswe, we take pride in our strategic partnership with the NBA, as we continue to deliver content and experiences that put fans first,” expressed Gore.


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