The Future of Social Video is Now. An interview with Mike Schabel and iSportConnect

TV everywhere is the solution that broadcasters thought would maintain their audiences; but in reality, media fragmentation has undercut their audience growth. We all know that media fragmentation is a challenge, but what about content fragmentation? That can actually have the opposite effect. The one-to-many approach is eroding in viewership and in our rapidly changing world, people want more choice and customization. Cloud technology can dramatically change the content and in an instant, deliver the type of content end users want and that serve their needs. But users also want more than just finding and leaning back to watch video. The mobile phone has given us technology far beyond what was used to launch the Apollo space missions. And it’s these mobile phones that are still not fully utilized to provide a true social video experience. We have the technology today to transform the mobile video experience to not only increase watch time but increase true engagement with content while watching it with your friends who may be in a different location. Mike Schabel, CEO of Kiswe Mobile, shares his vision of how the future is now of transformative mobile video experiences. Check out Mike’s interview with iSportConnect.

khee Lee