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Virtual events & Concerts

Multiview videos and interactive livestreams that give fans the best seat in the house

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cloudcast dashboardBTS Concert

The Ultimate Fan experience

Interactive Livestreams
Create a two-way viewing experience that captures fans at home and brings them into the venue
Customize shows
Put the power in the hands of fans with multiview camera options, live subtitles, and views up to 4K
Connect Global Fans
Let audiences go beyond passive viewing with watch parties, custom chats, social media and merch integrations
Control your Content
Ensure premium and secure experiences with custom ticketing, authentication and customer support


BTS 2021 Muster
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AJR "One Spectacular Night"
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NYE's Live With Justin Bieber
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Cloudcast dashboard with caster's faces and a video of fortnight playingJazz Live Kiswe Multiview

Custom VIEWS

Keep audiences engaged with tailored video views that allow them to get closer to their favorite artists, athletes and acts
A fast-switching video selector provides low-latency transitions between views
HD video on mobile and web (up to 4K)
Improve accessibility and worldwide reach with live captioning and subtitles
Provide up to 6 different camera views
Cloudcast dashboard with caster's faces and a video of fortnight playingFlowchart showing american, greek, and australian commentators interacting with the final cloudcast output.

Powerful engagement

Add advanced features that make the most of your live experiences and connect fans no matter where they are
Live chats, polls and GIFs with content moderation tools to keep viewers safe
Bring fan-generated clips and reactions into the venue at scale
Add conversations from social media for continuous engagement
Integrate live commerce store featuring exclusive content and merch
graph showing cloudcast ouput to social media iconsgraph showing cloudcast ouput to social media icons

OWn YOur Events

Monetize events by integrating payment options including pay-per-view ticketing, custom merch, microtransactions, and sponsorships.
Get access to real-time analytics and insights during events that improve sentiment, engagement and programming.

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Broadcast-quality Livestreams

Unique, Two-Way Viewing Experiences

Proprietary Multiview Technology

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