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Kiswe on AWS

Make the most out of your live events and broadcasts in the cloud with Kiswe on AWS.

Kiswe works with the world’s leading sports leagues, media and entertainment companies to take live broadcasts to the next level using cloud-based solutions. As a proud member of the AWS Partner Network (APN)--the world's largest community of technology and consulting cloud services providers -- and its AWS ISV Workload Migration Program, we leverage premier cloud infrastructure and services to ensure the fastest and reliable technology for our partners.

Kiswe Studio Multicast
  • Reliable: Industry-leading services that provide fail-safe measures for live events, backups and archives
  • Scalable: Powerful compute capacity that supports virtually any workload and deploys globally
  • Secure: Store and protect data in the most flexible and supported cloud computing environment available today
  • Cost Savings: Flexible system where you only pay for what you use and earn AWS credits

Existing AWS customers can save significantly on cloud costs for live streams and broadcasts by using our remote production platform, Kiswe Studio

By utilizing AWS services, we have successfully partnered with the world’s leading brands and reached millions of audiences by producing live events such as NBA GameTime, the PGA Tour Twitter Multicast and virtual Tour of Flanders

Kiswe is a leading Direct-to-Consumer and Stream customer building on AWS, producing the world's largest online concert for band BTS which earned a Guinness World Record for most viewers for a concert live stream!

AWS Services Used by Kiswe

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