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Senior DevOps Engineer

Location: New Jersey

Senior DevOps Engineer

Location: New Jersey

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At Kiswe, we help media companies meet the needs of today’s connected audiences. We partner with sports leagues, entertainment brands and broadcasters to help them create new experiences using our groundbreaking platforms.

Kiswe Studio is our award winning production studio in the cloud solution, allowing broadcasters to incorporate casters from anywhere in the world in real-time into your broadcasts to create a multitude of viewing options and serve different audience segments. The biggest sports leagues and broadcasters are using Kiswe Studio to grow their audiences by making content to serve different audiences and demographics, and leveraging its remote cloud based capabilities to keep moving in these difficult times.

We’re looking for developers who not only know their own area well, but who are comfortable working in complex systems that combine elements ranging from realtime media processing to distributed state to complex multi-user web UIs, and understand how to bring those pieces together into a reliable service through QA/testing and by troubleshooting complex issues.  Finally, we have been a distributed team from the beginning, so we’re looking for people who thrive in this kind of self-directed environment.

A Senior DevOps candidate should have strong skills and 8+ years of experience in

  • Managing and designing a 24/7 cloud production infrastructure
  • Leading and executing incident response efforts 
  • Implementing proactive maintenance and CI/CD efforts. Experience with Terraform and Saltstack is a big plus.
  • Running a 24/7 cloud service on AWS combining multiple services like EC2, S3, RDS, etc
  • Defining and managing clear and effective DevOps workflows and procedures
  • Building 24/7 monitoring infrastructure that supports rapid diagnosis of issues, having experience with Grafana, CloudWatch, InfluxDB, Prometheus.

And even better if you have experience with

  • Services leveraging multiple cloud providers, especially Google Cloud and Azure
  • Configuration management tools like Ansible, and container deployment systems like Docker and Kubernetes are a plus. 
  • Managing media servers such as Wowza, Nimble, ...
  • Achieving cloud cost reduction through planning and dynamic allocation strategy implementations
  • Assisting with scale testing of cloud based implementations
  • Working in an Agile software development and release environment

Qualifications and skills

  • Experience developing software in a 24/7 production environment
  • Expert level in Python, JavaScript, ...
  • Degree in Computer Science or related field preferred

Benefits & Perks:

  • Medical, dental, disability, and life insurance  benefits in accordance with local laws
  • Opportunity to work with a world-class team of engineers, business managers and entrepreneurs
  • 401(k) plan
  • School Loan support


  • Job opening in New Providence, NJ offices. Remote work possible but should be able to come into office when needed or at least once per week minimum
  • Must be US Citizen or permanent resident

To apply, please send your resume to