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Studio Lite Beta Program

Studio Lite is a simple, remote live production studio in the cloud.

Studio Lite Beta Program

Studio Lite is a simple, remote live production studio in the cloud.

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Studio Lite is a simple, remote live production studio in the cloud. It can be used by live sports commentators, podcasters, gamers, influencers, online sellers and many more. It offers a range of options for live and post-production and accommodates production, crew or guests that are distributed or remote. The key features are:

  • No software installs. Produce live from your Chrome browser.
  • Stream your webcam or any RTMP feed
  • Inject up to 2 high-quality live streams (up to 1080p 10mbps 30fps) 
  • Include up to 4 commentators, casters, or guests on air
  • Integrated team talkback (individual, crew only or all)
  • Interact with your audiences on social media
  • Invite anonymous guests to your show through a moderated entry point
  • Output live to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube or your own endpoints

Studio Lite comes with best effort but no live support at an entry-level pricing but will be free during the beta period.

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Live Sport Commenting

Bring up to 4 people together to comment on a live sport stream. Commentators can add their audio or picture-in-picture. Let them interact with viewers on social media channels. Add the feed wherever you need it, or record it and post-produce before planning its playout at the right time.

Gaming Livestream Production

Insert your high quality gameplay livestream in your Studio Lite production while having conversations with friends and competitors. Customize your layouts and integrate stingers between serious game play and off-game conversations, or discuss impressive game replays on-air. Output live to Twitch or other game channels.

Podcast Recording

Bring all your content together and integrate live snippets, webcams and video clips with your opinions and commentary. Fully brand it to your likes, integrate expert guest reactions. Record for post production or output live to your social network channels.

Live Interviews & Talkshows

Organize your original round-table conversations, or turn your call-in radio show into a video call-in show. Go public and have unlimited sequential guests queued up to contribute. Or keep the conversations focused with invited experts and influencers. Let viewers participate through reactions on social media. Output live wherever you want.

Here's how Studio Lite's features compare to our existing Studio offerings: 

Join the Studio Lite Beta Program!

Apply to join the Kiswe Studio Lite Beta program. It is free to use for the entire beta program and offers a fully-functional platform with all of its features. The beta program will run from April 1 - September 1, 2021.

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