Excellence, accountability and passion are at the heart of everything we do at KISWE. Led by seasoned executives in technology, media, sports, and entertainment, our team is committed to redefining how live video is captured, processed and distributed to mobile audiences.


Jeong Kim
Chairman & Co-Founder

Board Director, Samsung

Co-owner, Monumental
Sports & Entertainment

President, Bell Labs

Mike Schabel
Chief Executive Officer

General Manager, Small Cells Business, Alcatel-Lucent

General Manager & Co-Founder, Wireless Network Guardian, Alcatel-Lucent


Wim Sweldens
Chairman & Co-Founder

President, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless

Founder and Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent Ventures

EIR, Columbia University

Jimmy Lynn
VP Strategic Partnerships, AOL

Managing Director, JLynn Associates

Special Advisor, Georgetown University


Francis Zane
Chief Technology Officer

Head of Interactive Sys Research, Alcatel-Lucent

Head of Commercial Innovations, Bell Labs

Head of Portfolio Management, Alcatel-Lucent Ventures

Glenn Booth
Chief Operating Officer

SVP & General Manager 5G Business, Nokia

SVP & General Manager LTE Business, Alcatel-Lucent Ventures

VP & Head of Wireless Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent


Khee Lee
Chief Marketing Officer

Venture Partner at E.R.A.

Head of Agency Business Development, Google