Transform Your Video To Engage Today’s Digital Audience

Kiswe transforms live and archived digital video to make it interactive, personalized, and social – which is key to increasing engagement metrics and loyalty.

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Increase engagement with your audience by transforming content from linear to interactive, and from lean-back to lean-in.


Reward your audiences with unique experiences that build affinity


Deliver interactive experiences that prompt viewers to study content with increased attention


Increase viewer minutes and loyalty with reduced viewer churn


Empower viewers to clip and promote their favorite moments to their social community


We help content creators efficiently produce interactive digital video experiences that speak personally to your audience and their individual tastes.


Leverage existing video and data sources to create unique points of view that allow viewers to watch your content their way


Enable viewers to instantly switch video streams, even on mobile devices with limited bandwidth, through our high-performance cloud and interactive SDK.


Simplify production of multiple, high-quality digital storylines with cloud-based tools


Allow your audience to share personal reactions about your content through integrated chat






Introduce opportunities to transform viewers into users through personal interaction and social activity with your video and sponsors to maximize your content’s value.


Integrate high-value interactive brand engagements with your video


Increase advertising inventory within an existing piece of content through multiple video streams


Reward your interactive audience with brand-sponsored premium “behind-the-scenes” streams 


Integrate real-time weblinks with the video to allow e-commerce opportunities and more in a way that creates value for viewers



Kiswe understands the future of mobile video and was the perfect fit for us. Their performance during the Copa America Centenario, within our digital broadcast and their support, was stellar.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

President Univision Sports, Unvision

Kiswe’s software is a phenomenal teaching tool for our coaching staff and players. Kiswe has made the Capitals a top priority as we have worked to tailor their software to our needs and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Brian MacLellan

General Manager, Washington Capitals

Working with Kiswe has been a great experience. From their technology, their understanding of the market, and their customer support.  We would recommend Kiswe to anyone looking to deliver personalized and interactive video experiences to users instead of simple linear video.

YW Shin

Head of R&D, MBC

Kiswe blends live multi-camera action in our Decagon™ with behind-the-scenes footage to give our fans an opportunity to experience mixed martial arts in ways that are simply not available anywhere else.

Carlos Silva

President, Professional Fighters League



The emerging audience for digital video is mobile first, consumes short form content, and is highly social. Digital video content that is available today largely replicates what has been built for linear TV and accordingly, it is not interactive, it is not personalized, and it is not social. In fact, streaming video ignores the fundamental capabilities that have made mobile devices indispensable to billions of people by delivering a highly personal, interactive (thanks to touch screens), and of course, mobile experience. This presents an untapped opportunity to create a truly compelling and transformative user experience, particularly for the younger, mobile savvy audience. Kiswe has developed an end-to-end interactive video platform which we integrate with our partner’s digital solution to drive engagement and loyalty with this burgeoning mobile first audience.

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